• MACA hosts "Copyright Funfair 2017" to promote copyright knowledge

          (Macao, April 22, 2017)–"MACA Copyright Funfair 2017", organized by Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), co-organized by Macao Economic Services (DSE), Macao Customs Service (SA), Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ), Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), and Macau Deaf Association (MDA), was held on 22 April (Saturday), 4:00 pm at Macau Iao Hon Park. The event is sponsored by Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM), Industrial and Commercial Development Fund, and Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), generously supported by Class Entertainment Production, SP Entertainment, and Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd (in no particular order).


        MACA hopes that through this event, the participants can understand the importance of copyright protection and share more copyright knowledge so as to give the citizens a deeper understanding on how to use music legally, as well as information related to copyright knowledge and music creation.


          MACA CEO UNG Kuoc Iang said in his speech that this event shared copyright knowledge with the public in many aspects. At the same time, it popularizes civic education, enhances public’s moral principle and values, and allows cultural and creative industries to develop healthily in the long run. Urban civilization and development are based on the public protection of copyright. Creation must be respected in order to develop a sense of awareness so that each creator can play to his/her strengths and enjoy the reward for their hard work, sharing the fruits of creation with the public. In recent years, in order to promote copyright awareness and encourage the development of cultural and creative industries, beside the Copyright Funfair, the association had organized many diversified activities such as various types of seminars, concerts, talks on music copyright knowledge, MACA Song Writers Quest, and “Macau Copyright Campus Tour”, which is co-organized by MACA and government departments, to promote awareness of copyright protection.


          In addition to the display panels provided by DSE, SA, and DSAJ, there were game booths built by MACA, SA, MDA, and SP Entertainment. There was also an information counter to allow citizens to learn about the information regarding intellectual property rights. For the stage program, there was a quiz game hosted by DSAJ regarding the copyright knowledge. The citizens were enthusiastic in the interactive sessions, the atmosphere was hyped-up. A number of Macau singers, a local string quartet and other musicians also joined to perform, including Ian Sin from Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd, Aiden CHAN from Class Entertainment Production, Arno CHAN from One Country Production and Entertainment Company Limited, Cherry HO and Sofy from SP Entertainment, local string quartet Opus-A, and pianist SU Chu Qiao. Among which, the performance of Arno CHAN, Opus-A, and MDA representative SU Chu Qiao of a local original song「The Happiness I Want」was the highlight of the show, the song is the MDA theme song for "Listen, Speech, Love Care of Children Development - Early Treatment Programme". The concept of the ensemble combination is novel.


           The officiating guests at the opening ceremony included Assistant Director-General of Department of Culture and Education of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao S.A.R. (LOCPG MO) SHAO Bin, Director of Board of Administration of Cultural Industries Fund Davina CHU, Acting Head of SA Intellectual Property Rights Department IAN Chan Un, DSEJ Centre of Educational Resources Centre Director (Substitute) KAN In Peng, DSE Intellectual Property Department Senior Officer VONG Sok Wai, DSAJ Legal Promotion and Public Relations Department Senior Officer LAM Keong Chon, Promotion and Exchange Division of Judicial Affairs Department of Public Prosecutions Office Senior Officer CHAO Kam Fun, Cultural Committee of Macao Federation of Trade Unions Vice Director TAM Ming Kwong, MDA Director LAU Sut Man, SP Entertainment Director Hyper LO, Chief Operating Officer of Class Entertainment Production Kelvin LEE, Public Relations & Artist Manager of Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd Elsa IEONG, MACA CEO UNG Kuoc Iang, Director TOU Chak Seng, Director John HO, and others.


    Photo caption: Officiating guests at the opening ceremony


    Photo caption: Citizen asking about the copyright matters at the information counter