1.1 This tariff applies to performance of copyright music and lyrics within the Society’s Repertoire at private hospitals. -
    1.2 This tariff does not apply to:
    - Performances by means of a contrivance, such as a juke box, capable of being operated by the insertion of a coin or token;
    - Live performance by performers in person;
    - Performances by means of tape-recorders, video players, or similar contrivances in conjunction with special or short-term events such as dancing or fashion shows, exhibitions, road shows etc;
    - Performance by means of video walls.
    2.1All royalties are charged at the royalty rate in force at the beginning of the Licence Year, and are payable in advance of the Licence Year.
    2.2 The royalty rate payable under this tariff for a Licence Year is as follows:
    Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    Category Annual Royalty (MOP)
    Per Bed $ 48.19
    2.3 Other Common Areas inside the Building (such as lobbies and corridors)
    Background Music (Mechanical Performance)
    For record-player(s) $ 2,352.09
    For each relay point $ 23.39