Banking Premises  
    This tariff applies to performance of copyright music and lyrics within the Society’s Repertoire as a background to work or meals at banking or similar premises for the enjoyment or listening by both employees and visitors therein. -
    3.4 “Visual Music Performance” means music when performed at the premises by the playing of recorded music which is synchronized with video or similar visual display by means of a video screen, or other screens for slide and film or video exhibition.
    3.3 “Background Music (Mechanical Performance)” means performance by means of a record-player, cassette player or similar contrivance or by means of the audition of broadcasting programmes as simultaneously received over the air by radio or television set/s (other than video player/s or juke box/es) operated on the premises or diffused through a loud-speaker from other parts of the premises or a source outside the premises.
    3.2 “Licence Year” means a consecutive period of twelve calendar months commencing on the first day of a month in which the licence incorporating this tariff is executed.
    For the purposes of this tariff:
    3.1 “Society’s Repertoire” means all or any musical works and literary works which are lyrics to musical works, of which the rights of public performance are or may be controlled by the Society or by any societies in other countries with which the Society is affiliated from time to time.
    For each additional screen $ 885.19
    For the first screen $ 3,092.75
    No. of Video Screens Annual Royalty (MOP)
    2.2.2 Visual Music Performance:
    The royalty per day, for each unit of 100 visitors (or part thereof) $ 4.74
    For visitors
    for each unit of 25 employees (or part thereof) $ 0.31
    The royalty per day, for each hour (or part thereof),
    For employees thereafter
    for each unit of 25 employees (or part thereof) $ 0.46
    The royalty per day, for each hour (or part thereof),
    For the first 500 employees Annual Royalty (MOP)
    2.2.1 Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    2.2 The royalty rates payable under this tariff for a Licence Year or part thereof are as follows:
    2.1 All royalties are charged at the royalty rate in force at the beginning of the Licence Year, and are payable in advance of the Licence Year.
    Starting date of Music Broadcasting: / /
    Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    No. of employees:
    Total working hours per day:
    Total visitors per day:
    Total working days per year:
    Visual Music Performance:  
    No. of Video screen: