Restaurant, Bars and Cafes  
    1.1 This tariff applies to performances of copyright music and lyrics within the Society’s repertoire at bars and pubs, restaurants, cafes, lounges, ice-cream parlors, fast food restaurants or shops, refreshment chalets, etc. where seating accommodations are provided.
    1.2 This tariff also applies to those premises at private clubs engaging in the above-mentioned activities.
    1.3 This tariff does not apply to performances by means of a contrivance, such as a juke box, capable of being operated by the insertion of a coin or token.
    2.1 All royalties are charged at the royalty rate in force at the beginning of the License Year, and are payable in advance of the License Year.
    2.2 The royalty rates payable under this tariff for a License Year or part thereof are as follows:
    2.2.1 Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    Maximum Accommodation Capacity Annual Royalty (MOP)
    Not exceeding 25 seats $ 1,039.55
    Thereafter up to 200 seats, for each additional seat $ 35.46
    Thereafter, for each additional seat $ 26.95
    2.2.2 Live Music Performance:
    Whichever is higher:
    (i) 2% on the annual sum of Expenditure on the Provision of Live Music; OR
    (ii) $4.47 per set of performance for a maximum accommodation capacity of 50 seats (or part thereof), and $0.01 per set of performance per seat in the maximum accommodation capacity exceeding 50 seats.
    2.2.3 Video Music Performance:
    No. of Video Screens Annual Royalty (MOP)
    For the first Screen $ 4,077.35
    For each additional screen $ 408.44
    2.2.4 Dancing Facilities:
    An additional royalty of 50% of the royalty(ies) in respect of the mode(s) of music performance for dancing.
    Starting date of Music Broadcasting: / /
    Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    Maximum Accommodation Capacity:
    Visual Music Performance:  
    No. of Video screen:
    Live Music Performance:
    Expenses per year:
    Maximum Accommodation Capacity:
    Total performance hours per year:
    Music for dancing