Video Walls and LED Screens  
    This tariff applies to audio-visual performances of the Society’s Repertoire by means of a video wall or a large electronic display screen such as LED screen. -
    Annual Royalty = ($23,400.42+ $354.55x 80 + $141.82x 5) x0.72 = $37,780.93
    Major program Content:TV general entertainment programs
    Screen size:105 sq. ft
    2.2.3 Example of royalty calculation:
    (iii) Sports programs, TV news programs, financial news programs $ 0.34
    (ii)TV general entertainment programs, TV dramas $ 0.72
    (i) Music videos, karaoke videos, fashion shows, movie trailers, advertising jingles Promotional videos, other materials other than (ii) or (iii) below $ 1.42
    Major program Content
    2.2.2 Music Content Index:
    Thereafter, for each additional 1 sq. ft. (or part thereof) $ 141.82
    Thereafter up to 100 sq. ft., for each additional 1sq.ft. (or part thereof) $ 354.55
    For the first 20 sq. ft. (or part thereof) $ 23,400.42
    Screen Size (Area of Screen Surface) Basic Annual Royalty (MOP)
    2.2.1 The basic royalty rates payable in respect of each video wall under this tariff for a License Year or part of a License Year are as follows:
    2.2 The annual royalty is calculated by reference to the screen surface area of the video wall (or display screen) and music content of the performance as stipulated in 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 respectively. The actual annual royalty payable is arrived at by multiplying the Basic Annual Royalty by Music Content Index together.
    2.1 All royalties are charged at the royalty rate in force at the beginning of the License Year, and are payable in advance of the License Year.