Hair Salons  
    This tariff applies to performance of copyright music and lyrics within the Society’s repertoire at hairdressing establishments. -
    2.1 All royalties are charged at the royalty rate in force at the beginning of the License Year, and are payable in advance of the License Year.
    2.2 The royalty rates payable under this tariff for a License Year or part thereof are as follows:
    2.2.1 Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    Maximum Accommodation Capacity Annual Royalty (MOP)
    Not exceeding 5 seats $ 1,079.26
    6 to 10 seats $ 1,733.05
    11 to 20seats $ 2,474.77
    Thereafter, for each additional 10 seats (or part thereof) $ 659.47
    2.2.2 Visual music Performance:
    Additional royalty on top of 2.2.1 above shall be levied by reference to the number of video screens:
    No. of Video Screens Annual Royalty (MOP)
    For the first screen $ 850.92
    For each additional screen $ 425.46
    Starting date of Music Broadcasting: / /
    Background Music (Mechanical Performance):
    Maximum Accommodation Capacity:
    Visual Music Performance:  
    No. of Video screen: