• MACA visits UGAMM to discuss on music copyrigh

           (Macao, March 30, 2017) - Four representatives from Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), including CEO UNG Kuoc Iang, Musical Affairs & Public Relations Manager Vivian KAM, Event Planning & Membership Officer Sonny LAI and MACA representative, visited the Macau General Union of the Neighborhood Associations (UGAMM) on 30 March, and were received by President LEONG Heng Kao, Head of Culture & Sports Committee IAN Heng Wa, Deputy Director of Central Office WONG Wai Kiu and others.


        At the meeting, UGAMM President LEONG Heng Kao welcomed the MACA representatives, LEONG is happy to see that in the recent years the public awareness of the concept on intellectual property rights in Macau has significantly improved, he views that MACA has given substantial help to the cultural and music industry in Macau, and the overall standard of local culture has raised, he also gives affirmation to MACA's work. After that, LEONG shared the history of UGAMM establishment and learn more about music public performance right by asking MACA questions.


           MACA CEO UNG Kuoc Iang briefed on the purpose and process of MACA’s establishment, he pointed out that the original intention of the establishment of the association is to protect the copyright of the works of local music creators. UNG thinks that it was more difficult in the early days of the establishment, and fortunately MACA has been increasingly recognized and supported by different government departments, social institutions and the general public. At present, MACA has signed license agreements for music public performance with six major casino groups, the awareness for applying music license is also rising in various industries. After that, UNG mentioned about MACA's annual events and plans, such as “MACA Copyright Funfair”, “MACA Music Scholarship Awarding Ceremony” and “MACA Song Writers Quest”, all of which aim to enhance the public's awareness of music copyright, and promote local music creation. Nowadays in terms of global development, cultural & creative industries and intellectual property rights are inseparable, the fact that whether music creators and music users are aware of the protection of intellectual property rights, and in daily life putting into action, will substantially determine the future of music industry and to some extent the cultural and creative industries. Finally, UNG presented the MACA albums to the UGAMM.


           Photo caption: UGAMM President LEONG Heng Kao (3rd left) and representatives received MACA CEO UNG Kuoc Iang (Middle) and others.