• MACA Participates in the CISAC Performing Right Licensing Training Seminar

          (Macau, Mar 1st, 2018) ––The Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA) sent two Licensing Department representatives to the Asia-Pacific Committee (APC) Performing Right Licensing Training Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam (VCPMC). The two-day seminar is hosted by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers. (CISAC) during 1st to 2nd March, with the goal to discuss on the development trend of music licensing in Retail shops, Restaurants and Bars, Broadcast, Karaoke, Cinema and New Media, and understand the strategies and practices of music copyright licensing in Europe.


          At the meeting, representatives discuss on the issue regarding the current license application in various industries in the Asia Pacific region. They focus on sharing ideas of using new media and mobile app to enhance the process of submitting music license application and music usage report, in order to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of royalty distribution. The representatives of various societies actively exchanged the licensing affairs of different countries and the citizens' awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights. The representatives of societies with more experience in licensing affairs take the initiative to share their experiences and ideas. Through the cooperation among such regions, the seminar aims to tackle the challenges emerged during the Big data era development. Since MACA was established in Macao in 2009, CISAC and various societies have been following the development of copyright in Macao. MACA's participation in this training not only brings the latest international copyright management guidelines to Macao, but also helps extend the scope of the music license and helps MACA to promote Macao's awareness of intellectual property rights protection.


          There are 47 representatives who attend the CISAC Performing Right Licensing Training Seminar, including APRA from Australia, CASH from Hong Kong, COMPASS from Singapore, JASRAC from Japan, FILSCAP from the Philippines, KOMCA from Korea, MACA from Macau, MACP from Malaysia, MCSC from China, MCT from Thailand, MÜST from Taiwan, VCPMC from Vietnam, WAMI from Indonesia. PRS from the United Kingdom sent representatives to introduce the advanced model of the copyright protection in Europe.


    Photo caption 1 : Representatives from Asia-Pacific countries joined in the Training Seminar


    Photo caption 2:CISAC Performing Right Licensing Training Seminar is held in Hanoi