• MACA Participates in the CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting

         (Singapore, May 17, 2018) – The Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting, hosted by the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC), is held in Singapore (COMPASS) from 17th May to 18th May. Representative from Macau Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (MACA) attended the two days meeting. The meeting focused on the development of Broadcast, Cinema, and Karaoke on the music licensing affairs. Representatives from CISAC introduced the latest Royalty Distribution Rule, the Statement of Income & Expenditures and Professional Rules, and membership management system.


         During the meeting, representatives from various territories report the latest situation on the music copyright management in the Asia-Pacific region and share the opportunities and challenges they encountered on the development of broadcasters in the digital age, the negotiation of licenses and the distribution of royalties. Representatives exchange ideas actively and would continue to work closely with Asia-Pacific Music Creators' Alliance and International Council of Music Authors on the mentioned challenges.


         In general, CISAC affirmed the work of MACA in the past 10 years. 2019 is marked as the 10th anniversary of the establishment of MACA. With the continuous efforts of MACA, the protection of intellectual property and copyright obtained an increasing attention in Macao. CISAC and affiliated societies are following to the development of copyright in Macao closely since 2009, especially on broadcasting media, cinemas, and karaoke club.


         38 representatives from the authors’ societies across the Asia-Pacific region joined the meeting, including APRA from Australia, COMPASS from Singapore, JASRAC from Japan, FILSCAP from the Philippines, KOMCA from Korea, MCSC from Mainland China, VCPMC from Vietnam, MOSCAP from Mongolia, MACA from Macau, MACP from Malaysia, CASH from Hong Kong, MCT from Thailand, MÜST from Taiwan, WAMI from Indonesia, PRS from the United Kingdom, ASCAP, SESAC and AMRA from the United States and SOCAN from Canada. Representatives from each society attended the meeting to understand the current development of music licensing in the Asia Pacific regions, as well as to learn from the latest advance and model of the developed societies. Representatives from APMA and CIAM also attended the meeting.


    Photo caption 1: The CISAC convene in the meeting


    Photo caption 2: CISAC Meeting is held in Singapore