• CISAC and MACA jointly visited the Economic Bureau to promote the development of the intellectual property rights

      (MACAO, 13 March, 2019)On 12 March 2019, Regional Director of CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee Benjamin Ng, Chairman of the Board Directors of MACA João Kruss Gomes, CEO of MACA Ung Kuoc Iang and MACA representatives visited Economic Bureau. They were warmly received by Deputy Director of Economic Bureau Lau Wai Meng and Department Head of Intellectual Property Rights Department of Economic Bureau Wong Sok Wai.


      During the visit, João Gomes mentioned that 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA). Throughout this decade, MACA is truly grateful to have the support from the Economic Bureau, such as the promotion of the protection of intellectual property right, musical events, etc. Ung Kuoc Iang also introduced the current development of the music license affairs, the distribution of the royalties and related promotional events in the past years. In order to increase the transparency of MACA operations, such as MACA has uploaded its annual report on its official website. Moreover, MACA has launched an Open Day on a monthly basis since 2018. The purpose is to let more citizens to understand more about MACA’s daily operations and music copyright issues. Hope that this can enhance the citizens’ music right knowledge and to support MACA. Benjamin shared about the music copyright affairs development of MACA in the past decade and in some developed territories in Asia-Pacific region. He also mentioned that Macau is one of the territories in which the economy develops rapidly. At last, Benjamin hopes that the intellectual property right and the economy can be developed synchronously.


      Lau Wai Meng expressed his appreciation for the visit of CISAC and MACA. He was also grateful that MACA has made a certain impact on Macau economy and the International Tourism image in regards of the protection of intellectual property promotion. The three parties also exchanged their opinion on the “Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” which is issued by the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the State Council. Stated that to capitalise on the IP collaboration mechanisms of Hong Kong/Guangdong, Macao/Guangdong and the Pan-PRD region, and strengthen cooperation in areas such as IP protection and training of IP professionals in a comprehensive manner in the Greater Bay Area. Lastly, CISAC and MACA hope that they will continuously work closely with the Economic Bureau, in a bid to enhance the public awareness of intellectual property rights protection.

    Photo taken in Economic Bureau The representatives of Economic Bureau, CISAC and MACA