• MACA Organizes“Copyright Funfair 2019” to Promote Copyright Knowledge

      (Macau, 13th April, 2019) The “Copyright Funfair 2019” hosted by the Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA) was held on the 13th April, 2019 (Saturday) at 4:00 pm at the side of the Flower City Park, Jardim da Cidade das Flores near Rua de Coimbra, in Taipa. The event was co-organized by the Macao Economic Bureau, Customs of Macao Special Administrative Region, the Legal Affairs Bureau and the Macau Deaf Association. It was also sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Bureau, and supported by Class Entertainment Production Co. Ltd. and Pride Entertainment Productions Co. Ltd. (name in no particular order) making the event more meaningful and colorful.


      MACA is currently the only non-profit-making and non-government collective management organization operating in Macau empowered by the Macao Copyright Law, which aims to protect the copyright of music works of local and overseas members. At the speech of MACA Chief Executive Officer, UNG Kuoc Iang, mentioned that the "Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" published by The State Council of the People's Republic of China emphasized the need to strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights. Comprehensively strengthen, in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the cooperation in the areas of intellectual property protection and professional development. Strengthen the creation, use and protection of intellectual property rights and continuously enrich, develop and improve the beneficial to the inspire innovation of the intellectual property protection system. Therefore, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of MACA, MACA will enhance the civic awareness through more promotional activities and promote the development of intellectual property in Macau. April 26th of each year is the “World Intellectual Property Day”, with the sustainable development in the economy of Macau and the technology is constantly improving, under this circumstance, MACA is committed to improve the protection of intellectual property rights and the rights of the music creators. The purpose is to raise the awareness of the public on the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthen the public's respect to music creators and strive for the healthy and comprehensive development of the Macau music industry. Hence, MACA organizes multiple events every year to promote more information related to music copyright which includes Copyright Campus Tour and MACA Song Writers Quest, and the “Copyright Funfair” has become one of the main themes as well.


      Though the event, MACA wishes to bring the importance of intellectual property to the public, raise the awareness of the public to protect music copyright, understand how to use music correctly, support local original works and encourage the sustainable development of the cultural and creative industries. There are different forms of program on the event site such as booth games set by MACA, Macao Economic Bureau and the Deaf Association. On the stage program there is a legal knowledge and prize-winning session hosted by the Legal Affairs Bureau to bring copyright protection information to every citizen. In addition, there are live performances by Chan Chi Fong from Class Entertainment Production, Ring Hun from Pride Entertainment Productions and Bobby Lio. There are also clowns on the scene to add color to the event making the atmosphere lively and warm. MACA also calls on local music users to use more local music, encourages local music composers to create more good music and let local music go out of Macau, leading local creation has more rooms for development.


      The officiating guests includes Cheang Hio Man, Department Head of Intellectual Property Rights of Macao Economic Bureau; U Iek Chun, Division Head of Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Division of Customs of MSAR; Cheong Lek Hang, Deputy Inspector of Customs of MSAR; Poon Weng Hong, Coordinator of Project Supervision Center of Cultural Industry Fund; Ho Hoi Ieng, Supervisor of Centre of Educational Resources of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau; Lam Keong Chon, Legal Commissioner of Legal Promotion and Public Relations of Legal Affairs Bureau; Cheok Sin Chi, Senior Technical Officer, Department of Legal Affairs of Public Prosecutions Office of MSAR; Chong Siu Pang, Technician (Area of Film and Television) of Division for Planning and Development Cultural and Creative Industries and Department for Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries; Mok Kin Yee, Associate Professor of School of Arts Macao Polytechnic Institute and composer; Pun Chi Meng, Director General of Caritas Macau; Lao Sut Man, Director General of Macau Deaf Association; Chan Kok Keong, Deputy Secretary General of Macau New Chinese Youth Association; Lo Ka Seng, Chief Operating Officer of Class Music Co. Ltd. and representatives from various organizations.


    Photos 1 description: Officiating guests at the opening ceremony


    Photos 2 description: Citizens were enthusiastic in the game booths