• "Series of Activities of MACA 10th Anniversary"; Continue to Promote the Development of Music Copyright

        (Macau, 28 November 2019,)“Series of Activities of MACA 10th Anniversary" organized by The Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA) was held on November 27-28 (Wednesday to Thursday) at Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16. These activities include CISAC Asia Pacific Committee Meetings, Music Creators Seminar, Release of "SPA & MACA Sino-Portuguese Music Collection" Album and MACA 10th Anniversary Dinner. The event aims to commemorate the development and effectiveness of the work of MACA during the past ten years, to enhance the attention from the community to the local musicians and their works and to promote copyright development in Macau,


      40 participants from 19 countries and regions in the Asia Pacific region, North America and Europe attended The CISAC Asia Pacific Committee meeting. During the one and a half day meeting, representatives from various countries made the latest reports and active exchange on the current management of music copyrights in the Asia-Pacific region, and jointly discussed the licensing of karaoke, digital music platforms and broadcast media through regional cooperation. During the meeting, CISAC praised MACA's new breakthroughs in public media copyright issues during this year, and look forward to more breakthroughs in other areas of MACA's music license business.


      Song creators, government representatives, industry authorities and other guests from more than 19 countries attended The Music Creators Seminar. The aim of the seminar is to guide people who are interested in music creation to learn more about the vast original music power, provide a platform for Macau original musicians to exchange music creation, enhance the level of music creation in Macau and strengthen intellectual property management. Music creators from all over the world shared their experiences of music creation, explored the cooperation and development direction of the music industry between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and also had opinion exchange with music copyright buyouts research experts.


      The release of "SPA & MACA Sino-Portuguese Music Collection" Album and “MACA 10th Anniversary Dinner” are the core activity of these series of events. At the dinner, representatives of government bureau and institution, representatives of overseas music association and outstanding musicians from Macau gathered to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of MACA, and the "SPA & MACA Sino-Portuguese Music Collection" Album was released and the famous Portuguese musician Rui Filipe. Mané Crestejo; MACA Music Ambassador Sean Pang and Macau's new singer Winnie Lam were invited to live perform three songs: “The Melody Beyond Distance”, “Bright Moon” and “The House of the Swallows”. In addition, to strive to promote the development of music industry and copyright in Macau, awards were distributed to those who have made significant contributions to the development of music or have made outstanding music creations in Macau. These awards include “MACA 10th Anniversary Traditional Music Special Award”; “MACA 10th Anniversary Most Performed Works Awards”; “MACA 10th Anniversary Lyricist Award”; “MACA 10th Anniversary Composer Award"; MACA 10th Anniversary Band Performance Award; “MACA 10th Anniversary Male Singer Award”; “MACA 10th Anniversary Female Singer Award” and “MACA 10th Anniversary Certificate of Appreciation”. At the same time, the “MACA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book” was also launched, this includes the congratulations from the community on MACA and the activities and memories held in the past ten years. The 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book will be distributed to friends, local members and overseas associations.


      Guests attending the event included Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macao Government Tourism Office of the MSAR Government; Chu Miu Lai, member of the Administrative Committee of the Cultural Industries Fund; Gonçalo Cabral, Legal Adviser of Office of the Secretary for Economy and Finance of the MSAR Government; Cheang Hio Man, Department head of Intellectual Property Rights Department of Macao Economic Bureau of the MSAR Government; Ho Hong Pan, Department head of Promoting Cultural and Creative Industries Department of Cultural Affairs Bureau of the MSAR Government; Tam In Man, Acting Department Head, U Iek Chun, Head of Division, Cheang Wa Kam, IPR Investigation Division Officer of Intellectual Property Rights Department of Macao Customs of the MSAR Government; Kan In Peng, Centre Director of Educational Resources of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of the MSAR Government; Hsu Hsiu-Chu, Director of School of Arts of Macao Polytechnic Institute; Paulo Cunha Alves, Consul General of Consulate General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong; Manuel Pires, Chairman, Frederico Rosário, member of the Executive Committee, Ho Chan Meng, Controller of Communications Division of TDM-Teledifusão de Macau, S.A; CISAC; APMA; CIAM; representatives from various countries of the CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee meeting, APMA, CIAM, Gaming Operators; Associations; Institutions; Board members and members of MACA etc.

    Photo description 1 : Group photo with all Guests


    Photo description 2 : Release Ceremony of the "SPA & MACA Sino-Portuguese Music Collection" Album

    Photo description 3: Speech of Mr. Yan Ung, CEO of MACA