• “MACA Pop Music Master Class Achievement Exhibition 2021” Published 12 Original Music Works

    Macau, 25 June 2021 Organized by The Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), supported and sponsored by the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, the " MACA Pop Music Master Class Achievement Exhibition 2021" was held on 25 June at Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No. 2. The main purpose of this event is to promote the creation of local pop music culture, to train in-depth more professional music composer stars, to produce more high-quality music works and talents, to provide a new platform of learning and exchanging experience for local music composers and students who are interested in music and to promote and encourage original works and the development of Macau music culture. Guests attending this event include: Cheang Hio Man, Department Head of Intellectual Property of Economic and Technological Development Bureau; Ip Wa Chio, Department Head of Intellectual Property Rights of Customs Service of the Macao SAR; Hoi Kam Un, Officer of Financial Support and Projects Center of Cultural Industries Fund; Ho Hoi Ieng, Supervisor of Centre of Educational Resources of Education and Youth Development Bureau; João Kruss Gomes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MACA and Ho Chon Ian, Member of the Board of Directors of MACA.


    The "MACA Pop Music Master Class" will be held in two sessions from 2020 to 2022, with students enrolled for training in each of the two academic years, aiming to give more people who are interested in music creation or production the opportunity to participate. In the first academic year, four senior musicians from Macau form a tutor group to lead the creation of popular music, they are, LEI CHON IAT, famous composer, lyricist and senior music tutor; PUN KUAN POU, a full-time musician with both quality and quantity in the pop music industry of Macau; CHANG HENG IAN, Macau full-time senior music producer, composer, arranger and recording and mixing engineer; CHAN WAI FONG, University lecturer and music director. Each tutor provides, in their special field, professional training, guidance on music creation theory and practical operation to the students.


    This year the training starts from November 2020 to June 2021 and was having great attention and evaluation by students and musicians. 21 outstanding students with musical foundation were selected from a large number of applicants. They jointly receive lessons in music copyright, composition, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing, production and conducted a series of comprehensive and professional trainings. Many students expressed that they are honored to be admitted among many applicants, and they rarely have the opportunity to attend this kind of comprehensive and systematic music creation and production courses in Macau. The students felt that the course content is very rich. Although they have created a small number of music works before, they have obviously improved their quality after trained by several professional music tutors. After getting to know and adapting to each other, students are freely to form 15 groups during mid-course, and created 15 music works under the guidance of the tutors. At the end of the course, 12 original music compositions were selected by the tutor team and presented by live bands and singers on the night of the event. In recognition of the students' efforts, during the Achievement Exhibition a certificate of "MACA Pop Music Master Class" was presented to each student who graduated successfully. Meanwhile, the "Golden Pop Music Award" was presented to the best music work “Just Me”, which was voted by the tutor group. The event came to a successful end with enthusiastic applause from the audience.


    MACA will continue to carry out the second session of "MACA Pop Music Master Class". The event will be promoted and recruited from July to August, and will continue to cultivate more new music creators. Those who are interested in music creation and production can pay attention to MACA Facebook Fans page and MACA official website.


    (Photo 1: Group photo of guests, tutors,singers and students)

    (Photo 2: MACA Chairman João Kruss Gomes presents souvenir to the guests)

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