• MACA Seminar on "Intellectual Property and SMEs : Taking Your Ideas to the Market"

    Macau, 28 July 2021Organized by Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA) and co-organized by Fundação Rui Cunha, the MACA Seminar "Intellectual Property and SMEs : Taking Your Ideas to the Market" was held at the Fundação Rui Cunha on 28 July. The theme of the event echoed the call for the World Intellectual Property Day, around the theme of the seminar theoretical knowledge and experience were shared through experts and legal professionals from Macau and Hong Kong. It also aims to promote the development of intellectual property rights in Macau, raise awareness of copyright and strengthen public respect for original creators by comparing the development of intellectual property rights in Macau with that of other countries and regions.


    The event invited Mr. Benjamin Ng, Regional Director for Asia-Pacific at International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC); Mr. Gonçalo Cabral, a legal professional; Lawyer Dr. João Gonçalves Assunção, representative of Fundação Rui Cunha; Associate Professor Alice S.C. Lee, from the Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong; Lawyer João Kruss Gomes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MACA and Mr. Yan Ung, CEO of MACA to be the guest speakers. In his speech, Mr. João Kruss Gomes, Chairman of MACA, expressed his gratitude to all the keynote speakers for bringing wonderful content to the event. At the same time, welcomed all guests, SMEs and representatives of all sectors of community to attend and make joint efforts to promote intellectual property rights in Macau. Mr. Gomes shared MACA's related work in the enforcing of music copyright, how to promote the development of intellectual property rights and introduced the implementation and promotion of copyright in Macau.


    In his speech, Mr. Benjamin Ng introduced the protection to music creators in the online environment, expressing that respect for intellectual property and creativity is needed in the online era to continue to drive sustainable social development. As the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications and SMEs is closely related to intellectual property rights and the daily life of people, Mr. Gonçalo Cabral suggested the relevant issues that need to be resolved in the face of AI in the future. As the development and cooperation between Macau and the Greater Bay Area are now closer, Dr. João Gonçalves Assunção explored the recent developments and current issues of Macau and the surrounding areas regarding copyright law and intellectual property rights. The sale of original works has been a major concern in recent years, whether in the field of musical compositions or other areas of original works. Associate Professor Alice Lee, who has been studying the development of intellectual property and copyright law for many years, compared the copyright laws of Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and Indonesia, and reminded intellectual creators to have ownership of copyrighted works because if the sale is only one-time payment, the rights will be lost forever, use more so to retain the right and that creators know how to protect their copyrights. Mr. Yan Ung introduced the activities of MACA in promoting intellectual property rights and protecting the rights of music creators in Macau over the past 12 years, as well as the future development direction of digital music copyright and Macau music creators.


    The guests attended the seminar included: Hoi Kam Un, Acting Member of the Administrative Committee of Cultural Industries Fund; Cheang Wa Kam, Inspector of Customs Service of the Macao SAR; Chao Kai Teng, Acting director of public relations and information center of Education and Youth Development Bureau; Ku Wai Heng, Executive Council Member of Macao Youth Federation; Wan Hin Fai, Chair of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee of Macao New Chinese Youth Association; Cheng Wai Sum, Director Officer of Macao Deaf Association and K. G. Lo, Chief Creative Officer of Class Entertainment Production.


    (Photo Description: Group photo with all guests)

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