• MACA Song Writers Quest Online 2021 Original music are used to encourage Macau people to overcome difficulties together during the epidemic

    (Macau, 20 October 2021) "MACA Song Writers Quest Online 2021" was held online at 3:00pm on 20 October (Wednesday). The event was hosted by the Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), sponsored and supported by the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau, Link Star Amusement and Advertisement Production and Power Star Lighting & Audio Equipment came to a successful completion. The event has been held for nine years since 2013, it is committed to promoting the development of original music in Macau, discovering outstanding music creation talents, receiving widespread attention from the community and a wide response from the music industry.


    A star judging panel composed of Hong Kong composer, arranger and music producer Schumann; Hong Kong composer, lyricist, singer-songwriter, producer and artist manager Fung Wing Ki Vicky; Hong Kong lyricist and singer Chan Wing Him, and Hong Kong record producer Robin Chi. 8 shortlisted works from among the many contested songs competed for the Champion, 1st and 2nd Runner-up, the Best Song Composition, the Best Lyrics and My Favourite Song. The 8 finalists are 01 All on Me (composer Herson Si, lyric by Silping T.); 02 Dear Angel (composed and lyric by Mervyn); 03 Listen to My Sadness (composed and lyric by Ian Hao I); 04 Treasure Hunt (composer Leong Chi Long, lyric by Lio Chun Long); 05 Don't Give Up (composed and lyric by Finly Ng); 06 If It's Real (composer Mathew Lam, lyric by Roxxy); 07 All Alone (composer Dash Lei and lyric by Felix Cheang) and 08 The Queens' Playroom (composer Zachary Kong, lyric by Ondina Chan)


    In the past two years, Macau's economic and cultural activities have been severely hit by the epidemic. Many music events have been cancelled, however MACA believes that pop music is a true portrayal of an era, to encourage musicians and the community to work together in times of adversity, to encourage Macau people to tide over their difficulties through original music, this year's competition continues to be conducted online. Filming of the final music video was rescheduled several times due to the previous epidemic. In order to reduce personnel contact and crowd gathering, the music video was finally shot indoors with live band and singer performances, combined with aerial shots of various locations in Macau and edited into a music video, which was premiered on the day of the competition. A panel of judges from Hong Kong met the contestants via video link, and made comments and exchange views on the finalists' works, which will eventually lead to the awarding of various prizes. The music video was promoted extensively through the online platforms, aiming to let more audiences in Macau and overseas enjoy these outstanding original music, and to promote Macau's music and city, hoping that music can be used to drive the recovery of economy, tourism as well as other industries.


    The finalists expressed their happiness that their music works were recognized by the professional judges and that they had the opportunity to communicate directly with experienced musicians and learn more professional skills, which will greatly enhance their future music creation and production. Many contestants also said that the competition has a very significant influence and communication power. Although it is very difficult to enter the finals, once a finalist's work is selected, it can receive a lot of publicity. When friends around or even overseas hear and praise their work through different online platforms, it is a great encouragement and a feeling of being recognized by the audience. The MACA Song Writers Quest is a platform for shining and showing extraordinary, let more people know Macau original music, learn creative skills from the judges and get to know more of Macau's outstanding original musicians, enhance the opportunities for collaboration, exchange and creativity among the contestants.


    On the day of the finals, after the judge panel had rated and commented on each entry, the winners of various awards were finally selected, including the Champion: All Alone (composer Dash Lei and lyric by Felix Cheang), the 1st Runner-up: The Queens' Playroom (composer Zachary Kong, lyric by Ondina Chan), the 2nd Runner-up: Treasure Hunt (composer Leong Chi Long, lyric by Lio Chun Long), they will receive prizes of MOP12,000, MOP8,000, MOP5,000 and trophies respectively. The Best Song Composition award: Treasure Hunt (composer Leong Chi Long, lyric by Lio Chun Long) and The Queens' Playroom (composer Zachary Kong, lyric by Ondina Chan), the Best Lyrics award: Dear Angel (composed and lyric by Mervyn), each will receive a prize of MOP4,000 and a trophy and My Favourite Song which were voted by netizens: The Queens' Playroom (composer Zachary Kong, lyric by Ondina Chan) will receive a prize of MOP3,000 and a troph


    Photo caption: Group photo of the winners


    Photo caption: The Champion Group Photo “All Alone” (composer Dash Lei and lyric by Felix Cheang)

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