• “MACA Pop Music Master Class Achievement Exhibition 2022” came to a successful end

    (Macau, 22 May 2022) –Organized by The Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), supported and sponsored by the Fundo de Desenvolvimento da Cultura, the " MACA Pop Music Master Class Achievement Exhibition 2022" was held on 22 May at Macao Contemporary Art Centre – Navy Yard No. 2. Guests attending this event include: Li Jia Xin, Assistant Director of the Department of Publicity and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR; Cheang Hio Man, Cheang Hio Man, Department Head of Intellectual Property of Economic and Technological Development Bureau of the Macao SAR Government; Ho Hong Pan, Head of the Department for the Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries of Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau; Wong Kun Wai, Acting Head of Intellectual Property Rights Investigation Division of Customs Service of the Macao SAR; Ho Hoi Ieng, Supervisor of Centre of Educational Resources of Education and Youth Development Bureau; João Kruss Gomes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MACA and Ung Kuoc Iang, Chief Executive Officer of MACA.


    João Kruss Gomes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MACA mentioned in his speech that MACA always pays attention to music education, cultivate outstanding talents for the development of Macau music. Affected by the covid-19, all parts of the world are currently in a difficult stage. For this situation, people should be able to create songs to reflect or record some feelings at this moment. Moreover, encourage creators to continue to use the words of hope and prosperity to create new songs for the public, leaving cultural and historical memories. “MACA Pop Music Master Class” was held in two years from 2020 to 2022. After the first phase ended last year, it has attracted more people who are interested in music creation to enroll the second phase. In this year, fifteen students are selected from all outstanding applicants. The Class started from November 2021 to April 2022. Five senior musicians in Macau form a tutor group to lead the creation of pleasant music. All students need to complete the songs in group and attend the achievement exhibition 2022. Those five senior musicians included LEI CHON IAT, famous composer, lyricist and senior music tutor; PANG WENG SAM, singer-songwriter, singing instructor and song producer; PUN KUAN POU, a full-time musician with both quality and quantity in the pop music industry of Macau; CHANG HENG IAN, Macau full-time senior music producer, composer, arranger and recording and mixing engineer; CHAN WAI FONG, University lecturer and music director.


    Fifteen students participated in these classes in music copyright, composition, lyrics, arranging, recording, mixing, production and conducted a series of comprehensive and professional trainings, some students indicate they have learned a lot in the classes, found a new direction in music creation and intensify the passion for music. At the end of the course, the participating students contributed thirteen works in total, eleven of those were selected by the tutor team and played by live bands and singers on the night of the Achievement Exhibition. In recognition of the students' efforts, during the Achievement Exhibition a certificate of "MACA Pop Music Master Class" was presented to each student who completed all classes. Meanwhile, the "Best Composition Award" was presented to the song “The end of bloom” and the "Best Lyrics Award" was presented to the song “In a Trance”, which were voted by the tutor group. The event came to a successful end with enthusiastic applause from the audience. Twenty-three works were created and released in the two phases of MACA Pop Music Master Class Achievement Exhibition, and thirty-six talented students were cultivated to promote the development of original music in Macau.


    Photo 1: Group photo of guests, tutors, singers and students


    Photo 2: Speech by Mr. João Gomes, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MACA


    Photo 3: MACA Chief Executive Officer, Ung Kuoc Iang presents souvenir to the Guests