• Public Performance in Retail shops
    Playing music in retail stores, restaurants, hair salons, shopping malls and other business venues must be approved in advance. There are more than 300 shops which have already applied for the license, please call 28882380 or visit the MACA website at www.maca.org.mo for more details.
    • 1. Music Performance in Karaoke
      A licensee of a karaoke should apply to the copyright owner for ...
    • 2. Public Performance in Retail shops
      Playing music in retail stores, restaurants,hair ...
    • 3. Introduction of MACA
      Music is the shared brainchild of creators, we have the responsibility to respect the valuable music ...
    • 4. MACA, Everyone’s Music Companion!
      MACA works hand in hand with music users, to grow together and ...
    • 5. Voice from Music Creators 1
      Senior music creators chat with you about collective management organizations.
    • 6. Voice from Music Creators 2
      Respect copyright, enjoy music life.
    • 7. Adapt Musical Work 1
      1.An adapt musical work refers to the re-arrangement of melody or lyrics of the original work and change the works to create a new piece of musical work.
    • 8. Adapt Musical Work 2
      According to Decree-Law no. 43/99/M, the Regime of Copyright and Related Rights Article No. 126, for the purpose of fixing, transmitting, performing or staging, any adaptation, arrangement or other modification of any work by mechanical, audio or video methods, must obtain the author's permission.